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Food. Art. Gathering.

Café Piazza is an authentic Italian café that brings to life the flavors and personality of Sicily. See why the combination of food, art, and gathering makes us more than an eating destination - We're a piazza, an experience.

Why Piazza?


noun: a public square or marketplace, especially in an Italian town


When you walk into Café Piazza, our hope is that you are transported into a Sicilian piazza where people are at the center. In Sicily throughout each day, everyone gathers in the piazza. This is a common ground where the bustle of friends and neighbors can visit each other, enjoy a gelato or a cappuccino, or grab a bit to eat. This is the inspiration behind Café Piazza. We wanted to recreate the essence of this daily camaraderie and bring it home to you - our St. Louis family - who we knew would appreciate the tradition of food and community Café Piazza embodies. Welcome to our town square, our little slice of Italian tradition - our piazza. We can't wait to meet you and serve you.

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    Café Piazza is definitely my new favorite place to grab a bite to eat or have a beer. It's hard to choose between the pizza and the paninis. Love the mural on the dining side and the fun atmosphere of watching the food be prepared in front of you on the fast-casual side.

    Aubrey Schmoll
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    Great addition to the neighborhood, awesome food, and even better people! Definitely recommend picking up a jar of Mama Sugo as I started using it on everything it seems like. That sauce is the boss and may just change your life. A+ definitely recommend!

    John Ellegood
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    There staff was very welcoming and friendly, and the pizza was even better. Also had cool murals and art to look at while we waited for food. Will definitely be in to check the rest of the menu out.

    Dan Busch
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    This place is the definition of scrumptious. It's my new favorite place to eat and will be coming here multiple times a week!!

    Holli Dennis
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    Best pizza in town. I tried so many pizza parlors around St. Louis and I must say this is by far the best.

    Jerry Schrieber
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    Best Food I've had in a long time!! Pizza's is incredible. They are so SAINT LOUIS!! Go EAT And enjoy the best dining room I've ever been to!! Don't forget to look up at the huge mural that is ALL about the STL!!!

    Matt Decher
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    The best Sicilian crust anywhere. Crisply tender on the bottom with perfect dough! Love the sauce too.

    Barbara Clark Vindiola