Paco Rosic

Capturing Our Connections

Just as food elicits our senses, so does art. At Café Piazza, we wanted to surround our patrons with art that not only intrigues, but that also facilitates a sense of community. After hearing Paco Rosic’s story and seeing his interpretation of the Sistine Chapel composed from spray paint, we knew he was the perfect artist for the job. On the ceiling of our front café is a 1000 square feet panoramic painting that chronicles our city’s past. Nothing short of jaw-dropping, Paco Rosic’s mural is a visually captivating timeline that depicts a St. Louis story from wherever you are seated. Vibrant and honest, Rosic’s artistic energy flawlessly compliments the cafe’s authentic piazza essence.

Rosic is an internationally known spray paint artist whose own history is compelling. An immigrant from Bosnia, his family fled from their hometown of Sarajevo in 1992 to escape the on-going struggles of the civil war. After five years under a refugee status in Germany, his family relocated once again to Waterloo, Iowa. Known for many of his masterpieces, Paco was the perfect fit for Café Piazza.

The mural begins with the origins of our iconic Mississippi River town in the mid-1700’s then takes us through The Great Migration, to the Lewis & Clark era, and to the World’s Fair and beyond. Taking nearly three months to complete, Rosic spent nights in the basement of the building so he could work when inspiration called. He describes the piece as a kind of “puzzle” and says that “the smaller portraits were the most difficult to paint.”

Both Vito and Paco bring their regional influence to the space, and this fusion is what transforms your evening from a dining destination into a dining experience. As you can see, Café Piazza entwines characters and personalities from all over, and along with Rosic’s unique story, we feel that his extraordinary trompe l’oeil frescoes is just another way to keep our patrons conversing, engaging, and coming back.



We Support St. Louis Artists

Here at Cafe Piazza, we work with local St. Louis artists by showcasing and even selling their work throughout our restaurant. If you’re interested in sharing and selling your beautiful pieces, please reach out to us. We would be happy to support you!