Why Piazza

Bringing St. Louis the Spirit of an Authentic Italian Café.

Food. Art. Gathering.



  1. a public square or marketplace, especially in an Italian town.

The Art of Conversation

When you walk into Café Piazza, my hope is that you are transported into a Sicilian piazza where people are at the center. As a child, I spent summers in Sicily with my father, and at 2:00 pm every day, we gathered in the piazza. The bustle of friends and neighbors visiting in the square, enjoying a gelato or a cappuccino, is the inspiration behind Café Piazza. I wanted to recreate the essence of this daily camaraderie and bring it home to you – my St. Louis family ­– who I knew would appreciate the tradition of food and community Café Piazza embodies.

The Art of Pizza

Trained by my father in pizza making and educated by my mother on sauce making, I have a deep respect for the profession know as pizzaioli, and everyone who works with me knows how seriously I take the tradition of a pizza chef. Café Piazza’s food philosophy is not complex: Sicilian simplicity, and of course, pizza for the people. We believe in highlighting the freshness and seasonality of ingredients with items like Mama’s Sugo Authentic Marinara Sauce. All pizzas are made to order and are baked to perfection in Big Mama, our affectionately named woodstone oven. But that’s another story…

We believe that making a savory pizza involves you. With this in mind, we designed the casual section of the café around an open-air kitchen. Chat it up with our executive chef/owner/house pizzaiolo, Tim Meinecke, about last night’s Cardinal game or the latest in St. Louis happenings while he crafts your pizza. Our combination of community and counter seating reflects our philosophy to engage with our customers and one another. We want to get to know you, one pizza at a time.

The Art of Paco

Our front café seamlessly blends art and food, creating an unforgettable yet comfortable vibe. On the ceiling is an extensive work of art by internationally renowned spray paint artist Paco Rosic. Spanning over 1000 square feet, the mural chronicles our city’s rich, unique past. From anywhere you are seated in the room, you will encounter a visually stunning snapshot of St. Louis’ history. Just as the piazzas in Sicily bring together people of diverse and colorful backgrounds, Paco’s art reflects the importance of lineage and storytelling.

Welcome to our town square, our little slice of Italian tradition – our piazza. We can’t wait to meet you and serve you.


Vito Lafata III, Owner